Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pumpkin Magic

Something special happens when I sit at my stamp table and create.  I won't lie - there are times I can sit at my stamp table and look at everything I have and my mind goes blank.  Has this happened to you?   It can leave you feeling a little empty - like you just can't get it going.  Oh man, this feeling drives me crazy.  This is one of the reasons I love my Paper Pumpkin monthly surprise kit.  My Paper Pumpkin kit makes me feel just like Cinderella in her Pumpkin carriage - takes me to a place of happiness and magic!  Let me share with you my June magic!!

First - here's a quick video of what comes in the June monthly surprise kit.

I was so excited, that I created one of each project and was absolutely delighted.  This kit comes with the supplies to make six of these cards.  Check out the envelope and the stamp "kindly deliver to:" - love the concept and the font! 

The next item is the melon bag.

Yes - it even came with the melon tissue paper!  You get enough supplies to make four of these adorable bags.  I swear I feel like to need to have a picnic - right now!!

Here is a close up of the stamp set in this kit:

The stamp sets in the monthly kits are exclusive and don't disappoint.  I love the fact that after I make the projects, I'm left with an adorable stamp set to use over and over again!!   YIPPEE!!!

Don't miss out on the July Paper Pumpkin Surprise Kit.  You need to sign up by July 10.  CLICK HERE to get started!!!!  Go ahead and be Cinderella - hop in your pumpkin today!
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