Friday, August 15, 2014

A Week Hiatus - Glad I'm Back

The last week has been, well, very tumultuous.  The week before, our sweet Darci was a little under the weather and last Friday when I took her to the vet, she was dehydrated.  After taking blood work and getting some fluids, we brought her home, not thinking anything too bad was about to occur.  After a few hours at home, she had some additional symptoms and we took her back to the vet.  They kept her overnight and on Saturday morning we received the news that her kidneys were not functioning properly.  Despite fluids and additional medication, we could not get her kidneys to function as they should and made the decision to put her down, which we did on Monday, August 11.  It is such a difficult decision to make, but to see her not eating and getting weaker, you sort of know when the time has come.  We still have four other felines in the house, one of them is Darci's brother, Dugan, and we love them all so much!  What we have realized this past week is Darci was the life of the bunch!  She was always at the window when we came home begging for her treats - and the other cats reaping the benefits of her meowing!  She was the one who loved to visit the tables while we were stamping and loved to steal the green caps from the Tombow Multiadhesive Glue - everyone knew not to let them lay around or they would be gone!  I bet you I have 20-30 of those caps throughout my house - underneath every crevice she would manage to find!  So, this week has been spent getting our lives back to normal and helping the other cats adjust to the loss of our special girl.  

As you can imagine, my creativity bug has been a little dormant.  But, I have an entire table of new product from the Holiday catalog just begging to be used.  My one problem is there is so much, I don't know where to start!!!  Soon, my friends!!!

I'm looking forward to my weekend of stamping with the Brights and Regals stamp clubs and getting back in the groove!!!  

Thank you all for letting me share me with you!!! 

Happy Stamping,


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