Thursday, August 02, 2012

There's a New Catalog in Town!

Picture this .... tumbleweeds blowing through the plains ... cowboy (John Wayne, perhaps Clint Eastwood) walking up and saying ...

There's a New Catalog in Town!

Okay, so maybe I watch too many movies???? But, it's true, there is a new catalog in town and its the Holiday Mini!  Actually, there is nothing mini about this catalog!  You'll notice that it is larger is size and it's packed full of new products, stamp sets for Halloween, Fall, Christmas, Hanukkah and even Valentine's Day! Also, it is in effect through January 2, 2013!!  Woo hoo!!!

So, go, check it out ..... just click on the picture of the catalog and enjoy!

p.s.  You might notice its actually called the Holiday Catalog, not "mini", but old habits die hard!!  [smile]

Happy Stamping,


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