Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sweetest Ever Valentine

I'm going to share my computer geek side with you today!  Yes, I love computers and technology just as much as I love stamping!  I'm one of those people who feel at home with my laptop or iPad2 on my lap - it makes me feel warm and cozy (could be just the heat from the laptop, huh)!  Anyhow . .
Stampin' Up! has a product called My Digital Studio.  This program is designed for people for love to use digital images.  You can create cards and  scrapbooks of all different types and sizes - and that's just the tip of the iceberg!  While I'm still in my experimental stage of using My Digital Studio, it is a product that I'm sure meets the needs of many computer geeks just like me, as well as scrapbookers!   Take a second and check out My Digital Studio  which is a website dedicated to the product and you'll see many, many, many things that you can do!  And, there is a ton of "how to do" info here!!

Now, if you are a bit overwhelmed, it's okay because you can still use the digital images even if you don't have My Digital Studio.  You can purchase the downloads and download them to use in another program.  This way you can use them in other software you might have such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop Elements, just to name a couple.  And, they are so affordable!!!  Oh, and you can always mix and match -- meaning you can print out digital images and use them on your handmade products!!! Check out a recent download . . 

You get all of this for only $9.95 and the only space it takes up is on your computer!!  I've downloaded this and will be sharing some samples this month of projects that I've created.  Also, one other good thing - there is no waiting for this product to arrive!  Download it and ta da ... its here!!  Love that instant gratification!

Start the New Year off by exploring this awesome product!!!!

Happy Stamping,


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