Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unplanned Days

Some days even the best thought out plans don't happen, and when they don't, it's okay. I was going to go visit a friend and get some stuff done around the house, but my computer guy emailed me and said he could come today (triple woo hoo). So, while I was waiting for him, I pulled out my Make and Takes projects from Convention (which I really wanted to do yesterday, but my body was so comfortable on my sofa, it just didn't want to move). I had such a blast working on the projects and thought how nice it was to open a packet and have every pre-cut and scored and directions. Nice, nice, nice!!!! The one project was to create a banner which consisted of several cards and other items. The other project is about 90% complete. Since the computer guy came and was here for several hours, I did not get that finished. The good thing is that my computer network now works again and I'm such a happy happy camper!!!

So, below are some pictures from the banner that I created. I love it!!

Too darn cute, now isn't it!?????

Happy Stamping,



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