Monday, March 07, 2011

Displaying Projects

Hi there! I've been knee deep in re-organizing and have something so cool to share! At Leadership this year in Nashville, they used picture frames with chicken wire to display stamped items. So, while I was trying to figure out what to do with a wall in my stamp room, my dear friend, Susan Elise, suggested that I try the picture frames. She's so darn smart! So, I ventured to local thrift stores to find second hand frames to paint (which my husband so kindly did for me) and then found chicken wire to adhere to the frames (which, of course, my husband so kindly did for me too - he so spoils me!). Below are the pictures of my frames! I just love them!

Happy Stamping,




Robin Merriman said...

LOVE your frames Phyllis! I am getting ready to do the exact same thing in my studio! I can't wait to get them up!

Phyllis said...

They were so much fun ... especially when someone else did them for me .. ha ha ha!!!! Can't wait to see you!