Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cat Stamping

Stamping classes at my house are always interesting because you never know what you are going to stamp!!! It seems that at every class, my plastic shoeboxes are in high demand by Darci and Dugan because they like to be the center of attention! Unfortunately, Dugan has really outgrown the box - he's getting so big!!! But Darci, well, she's the petite female and she is the hunter! During every class (and I'm not exaggerating) she goes to each person's spot to see if their green cap is on their Towbow Liquid Adhesive because if it isn't, she politely pops it off the table with her paw and goes and plays. She will bring it to me so I throw it for her, just to have it bring it back to me again! I know, we are supposed to be stamping, and we do .. he he!!! It's just such fun have these furry felines around!

Check out this card that we did this past weekend at Stamp, Play and Create! It's a shaker card and we used the Sweet Treat Cups in the Holiday Mini card for the shaker. We always do holiday cards at the October Stamp, Play and Create and always do at least one card with a snowman because I adore snowmen!!!! Now, when I was making the card at the Saturday morning session, I realized that the words should on the other side of the snowman, so I changed that in the workshops! Isn't he too freakin cute!!!!

I hope to do some stamping tonight ... its been two days and I'm going through stamping withdraws! The last two nights have involved Mickey watching his Minnesota teams - the Viking and Twins who both won which always makes Mickey at happy man! He is from Minnesota and is a dedicated fan!!! Tonight features the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees (Valerie's absolutely favorite team in the whole wide world) beginning the play-offs! Not sure how this game will pan out .... but I'm panning .. well planning ... to stamp! Woo hoo!!!


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