Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm So Excited!

One of the things I really love is My Blog. I look forward to my posts and hearing your comments and suggestions. I feel like it is a great way to interact with you. I do realize that not all of you are computer savvy nor do you love your computer as much as I do mine. Maybe my love relationship with my computer is a bit abnormal! Ha ha! I hope that you find the things you are looking for here and if not, please let me know!

One of the things I don't, or didn't, like about My Blog was the name - I know, isn't that a mouthful! So, since I started My Blog I wanted the website address to be "", which is called a domain name. Well, believe it or not, someone else had that domain name, but wasn't using it. How dare them! So, I waited and waited and waited and finally it became available. See, you "purchase" these names for a period of time, so the person or entity that had the domain name let it expire. I eagerly purchased it and tried to use it for my blog name. Well, shoot, that didn't work, so I placed that task in my "to do" box - which is pretty darn full.

Then, Vicki, my downline, revamped her blog (yeah Vicki) and tells me she figured this out. Oh man, she knows that it drives me crazy when she's done something that I couldn't do so this morning I decided it was time. You know, it took me about 10 minutes to do. Can you believe it???? But, thanks Vicki for the inspiration and push that I needed to get this accomplished!!

My blog web address is now "". Please change it in your favorites if you are so kind enough to put me there! If you put in the old blog address, it will ask if you want to be redirected and yup, you do!!! I can't tell you how darn excited I am to have this nice and short web address for My Blog!!!

So, if I've kept your interest up to this point (thank you for reading this far), I want to address that "to do" box. I use this concept in EVERY facet of my life - sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's NOT a good thing. For example, I'm working on this card and it just isn't going right. I'm starting to get frustrated so I put the project in my "to do" box. Now, I don't literally have a "to do" box, it's this place in my head where things go to live until I get back to them! and boy does it get full!! Then, when I get to a point where I'm ready to address them, I pull them out. I have found that sometimes it just isn't the right time to do something and you know, that's okay! Because eventually, there is a right time and when that time comes, you'll find the task is so much easier! This is the secret of my life ... ha ha!!!! And I will admit that sometimes I pull things out of the "to do" box in a little later than I would like, but the end result is the same - when I'm ready to complete the task, it goes much easier!

So, the next time you are working on something and it just isn't going right, whether it is stamping, scrapbooking or ANYTHING, put it in your "to do" box. It will wait for you and its turn to be completed!

I'm kinda scared to go back and re-read this post because I probably sound crazy, but hey, I am so it's all good. I do want to share another Display Board with you from Convention.

Aren't these samples gorgeous!!! Tomorrow I have my Scrapbooking with Phyllis class and after the class, I'll post the pages we made. I planned these yesterday and had so much fun. Part of the fun is pulling out pictures of my son, Kirk, when he was little and incorporating them into the page. I used pictures when Kirk was 1 year old and while making the pages, I actually thought about the day we took the pictures and how much fun we had. Mickey was also looking at the pages with me and I told him, boy, we really didn't have a clue what we were doing, now did we. He agreed, but also agreed that Kirk turned out pretty good! I then thought to myself that if I didn't have Kirk, I wouldn't have a lot of pictures to scrapbook .. ha ha!!! Not really, but I did chuckle to myself about that!

So, sit down and pull out some pictures and re-live those wonderful memories. It will definitely put a smile on your face!


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