Monday, August 17, 2009

I Survived!!!

I am so NOT into physical labor, except for the lifting and pressing of rubber stamps, cutting cardstock . . . you know the drill, now don't you!

Well, on Friday, we relocated our office from the sixth floor to the third floor and boy was it a lot of work. Yes, I did work all day on Friday (my normal day off) and worked both Saturday and Sunday mornings. As I left yesterday with hubby (who was SO kind and helped me move some boxes), I felt a sign of relief that the office looks good and we have phones and computers!! Woo hoo! Yes, I did coordinate the move so until things went right and the firm was up and running, I was kinda holding my breath! Not that anyone that I worked with will read my blog, everyone was great from my co-workers and contractors to the movers and without them, the move would not have occurred!!!

During this process, I had stamp clubs on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Some would wonder why I would schedule all this at the same time! Well, okay, I'm just nuts that way! ha ha!! But truly, stamping is my therapy - my salvation. Despite my physical exhaustion, I so looked forward to the stamp clubs and being with the members of the stamp clubs, talking, stamping and having a great time! I know many of you express to me how you look forward to your stamping time and a break from the trials and tribulations of your daily activities. Well, like you, I do too!!!! And, I want to thank you for what you give me to me and how you make me smile! THANKS!!!

Are you wondering if you are going to get a Display Board today! You betcha!!!!! Okay, I'm so wrong! I've tried for the last 15 minutes to upload a photo and seems my computer and blogger are having communication issues! Come back later today and I'll have a couple of Display Boards uploaded in this post!!!

Ta da ... sorry I made you wait all day! :-(

Hope your Monday is a great one!!!


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