Wednesday, August 12, 2009


One of the things that I really miss are my kitty cats when I travel. When I came home from Utah on Sunday, the kitty cats were definitely "daddy's cats". However, this morning was a treat as Dugan just wanted to sit on my lap, so he squeezed his way in between my tummy and my laptop. As you can see, he has taken over my laptop and decided to read my blog!!!

While Dugan was typing away at the laptop, Darci was laying to the left of my shoulder supervising. She is not a lap cat. Well, as I typed that, I remember that Monday and Tuesday when Mickey came home from work and was at his computer, Darci was laying in his lap!!! What's up with that!!!! But, isn't she absolutely adorable!!! We've had Darci and Dugan several months now and boy have they gotten big!! But we can't help but love these two who manage to get into everything and keep us on our toes!!!


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