Sunday, June 07, 2009

Should I Be Concerned?

Yesterday was Darci and Dugan's first day at the monthly Stamp, Play and Create. They have tough shoes to fill as Reba was our stamping kitty and was always on the table during our classes. After being up at 5:30 am and playing for four hours, they decided it was time to nap! Of course, everyone wanted to meet our new stampin' kitties so they were introduced! On Friday, when I was prepping for the workshop, I had the plastic shoeboxes on table and Dugan was right in there. We had to bring another one out for Darci! So, it wasn't a surprise when we were making our projects that they decided to crawl in the boxes. I have plenty of the boxes, so we let the kitties sleep and brought out new boxes for the project supplies. I was kinda of getting a complex that my class might be so boring that they slept through it -- but they were the only ones sleeping (whew)! Dugan is the black kitten, male. His name means " dark colored" and is Irish. We thought it was quite fitting for him. Darci's name, well we needed a "D" name and she's so cute, this name just seemed to fit her. They are growing likes weeds and on the 11th of June, it will be a month since we adopted them. They love stamping supplies, especially ribbon, which they tend to carry around the house. The certainly inspire me to put my things away ... or goodness knows where my supplies will be!

The stamping kitties are anxiously awaiting the 2:00 pm Stamp, Play and Create!!! See you then!


Aloha Jan said...

Oh, the kittens are so adorable! I hope you'll post my pictures of them partaking in your stamping events.

Thanks for sharing!!

Aloha Jan said...

Geesh, the comment should be "I hope you'll post MORE pictures of them partaking in your stamping events."

I must be tired!

Phyllis said...

Thanks Jan .. they are the stamping kitties for sure!!