Friday, June 19, 2009

Living ... in Country Living

Ah ... living in the Country. Can't say that I've ever lived in the country; however, my wonderful husband is from Small Town USA. Actually, he's from Cottonwood, Minnesota and swears that it is the only place to live. The pace is so much slower than here in the "city" and people live alot longer! Now, let me tell you that he also says "Norfolk" is not a City, compared to Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can just imagine some of the conversations we have, can't you. But, he's such a trooper as he stayed here in Norfolk for me. :-) Actually, the last few days have been a blur as I've been working some extensive hours getting ready for a trial and spent all day yesterday in Court. My boss is back in Court today and I know she has another long day. I offered to help her out today, but she knows that I'm old and needed a break (ha), but actually knows and appreciates the fact that I do Stampin' Up! and Friday's are dedicated to personal errands and my Stampin' Up! business. Isn't she great (really she is). It felt good to be home last night. But ... you know, that country living is sounding awfully good right now! But .. they don't have any 7-11 stores in Cottonwood and I don't think I could live with 7-11! Okay, back to the subject at hand .. I get so easily distracted, don't I?

I wnat to share with you the Summer Cookout Kit being offered by Stampin' Up! in conjunction with Country Living Magazine from June 15 through August 31. It's a great kit that comes with the following items:

• Dig In stamp set
• Night of Navy Classic Stampin’ Spot®
• Ruby Red Classic Stampin’ Spot
• 8 invitations, complete with die-cut pieces, skewers, and envelopes
• 8 die-cut table tent cards (2 each of 4 colors)
• 12 die-cut coasters (3 each of 4 colors)
• 16 die-cut tags (4 each of 4 colors)
• 24 printed food wrappers (12" x 12" sheets

Wanna see the Kit? Click here!! The kit is being offered for only $24.95 and you get a stamp set and two Stampin' Spots to use over and over again! I love that plaid stamp in the Dig In stamp set!!!! You might be saying, well, I'm not having a cook out, so why would I need this, right? Here are some other ideas with the kit:

Die Cut Coasters - incorporate into your scrapbooks and/or cards, use as invitations for a birthday party!
Invitations with die-cut pieces, skewers and envelopes - You can use the die cuts to place on cards or a scrapbook!
Table Tent Cards - use as gift tags (and you can also incorporate those cut die cuts!!)
Food wrappers - oh gosh, talk about endless uses .. gift wrap, origami projects, use to embellish chipboard, use with our Night of Navy and/or Ruby Red cardstock!!

You know, originally I wasn't going to order this kit because, like some of you, I'm not having any "events" that I felt would be useful with this kit. But after looking at the flyer, I can't wait to order it and play with it because I'm envisioning all kinds of things to make!!!

So, whether you are enjoying life in the country or city ... do take time to smell the roses .. or smell the Staz on (sorry, you know I had to go there and as a disclaimer - DO NOT SMELL THE STAZ ON) ... and take some time for yourself -- or with your friends! Buy a kit .. or two .. and get together and see what YOU can do with it! You guys are so creative, I bet you'd really come up with some awesome projects!

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