Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy Thoughts with Ice Cream

I have a love-love relationship with ice cream! Thre are no two ways about it. Let me tell you a story (as if you didn't see that coming)!

I have alot of memories while we were living in Bermuda when I was young, but I don't remember eating much ice cream. See, back in the late 60's, Bermuda was so behind in everything! Styles, music, life! No computers (egast - I shutter at that thought), no email and telephone calls to the "states" were made on an emergency basis only. It took forever to get mail to/from the states also! Now, don't get me wrong, I loved living there. I think I was at the perfect age and had a lot of freedom and always felt safe! As far as foods, I don't remember eating much ice cream, because we just had the basic flavors - chocolate and vanilla. So, we move back to Norfolk in early 70's and close to my house is a High's Ice Cream. I hear many of you saying, oh yeah! Really, I do!! So, I go there and there are a ton of flavors and I try quite a few and find "Bubble Gum" with actual pieces of gum in the ice cream. It was .. and still is ... my absolute favorite flavor of ice cream of all times. Now, I'm sure you know where I'm going, right? High's Ice Cream, like many good things in the past, went out of the business. When the stores started closing, you could purchase it in the grocery stores, but that ended also. When something is gone, I seem to crave it more - know what I mean? Well, one day, I paid a visit to Carvel on Virginia Beach Boulevard. They had a flavor called "Bubble Trouble". I tried it and immediately went back 35 years! The wrinkles in my face still stayed, but the flavor of High's Bubble Gum ice cream was right there! It tasted very similar to High's ice cream and now I try to go there whenever I can. I've been known to stop there on my way home from work and totally ruin my dinner! (Shhhh .. don't tell Mickey - he doesn't even know!! he he).

Bet you didn't bargain for a story, did you? Well, when I created this card, those thoughts of High's ice cream came right back. I call it the power of a card! I love receiving handmade cards and I know many of you do also. When I create a card for someone, I hope it brings back a special memory -- or makes a special memory that they will think about in the future. You know, remember when I turned 40 and so and so sent me the most gorgeous card? Help make a memory - send someone a card!

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