Monday, May 11, 2009

New Addition to the Johnson Family

I've been anxiously anticipating getting two kittens and today was the day! I found an ad on line and these kittens were part of a litter of five. They were at a foster home in hopes that they would be adopted. I wish I could have taken all five of them, but two is the number!

The black kitten is a male and his name is Dugan. He is solid black and he was the first one born in this litter. He is a just a bit bigger than his sister. Her name is Darci. She is too adorable.

They were kept in a 6 x 6 room and now they have taken over the living room (also known as the stamping class room) and the dining room. They really enjoyed running around and exploring their new territory. They were a bit skittish at first. Now, they are exhausted and sleeping!! We have baby gates up right now to help acclimate Mia to her two new friends. Mia has ventured in the house, but I don't think she really knows that there are kittens in there. Hopefully the transition will go somewhat smoothly. I'm sure they can't wait to meet you all at the next meeting.


Renee said...

Awww your new babies are so cute. Our kitty cats and dog are staying with my sister right now during our displacement and I really miss them. Seeing your pics made me realize how much. I see you had a storm. Hope all is ok with you and your family.

Renee Ondrajka

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your two new kitties! They are adorable. I know they will love stamping and scrapbooking with you!!

Sue B-)

Phyllis said...

Thanks so much. They are adorable and we love them! They certainly will be stampin kitties!!