Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hilton Waikohoa Village Resort

I wanted to share with you a few pictures from the resort where we staying during our trip to Hawaii. It was absolutely gorgeous. However, when we first landed on the big island of Hawaii, our trip from the airport to the hotel was pretty ... um .. well, I'll just say we were wondering about the beauty of this island. All we could see was black lava with little growth. Our bus driver told us that this part of the island is a desert and gets very little rain. On the bus, we were all looking at each other thinking, yuk - this isn't very pretty. Check out this picture -- not very pretty, huh! You'll see where there is a word spelled out on the lava. They use white coral to make the words and it is called island graffiti. It was all along the roadway on our way to the resort. And, it is perfectly legal and acceptable. They say if you want to create your own graffiti, just use the coral from someone else .. and rearrange it! Also, they have wild goats -- we actually saw quite a few. Unfortunately, when you are in a vehicle traveling 55 mph, it kinda makes it hard to get a picture!

So, we reached the resort, which was absolutely beautiful! It's green and lush and completely different from what we have seen! Here are some pictures which I hope you enjoy.

Yes, this is actually a waterfall at our resort! There were two of them. The resort covered 62 acres!!

This is the building that we stayed in - the Ocean Towers. Our room had a partial ocean view!! There were three buildings on the resort that housed guests.

Check out these stairs -- I think this was a sick joke! And, I had to walk up them on more than one occasion! I exercised way too much on this trip and actually lost a few pounds!

Here are a few more pictures:

Thanks for helping me earn this trip -- it really was beautiful!!!

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