Monday, April 20, 2009

Created .. by Vicky

My downline, Vicky, and I often plan many of our classes together. We sorta compliment each other, but really, she just puts up with my creative and non-creative spurts! See, she's really nice (but those of you who have met her already know that)!

So, last weekend she was so excited because she brought this card for me to use at one of my workshops. Now, normally I have this tendancy to change a thing or two and never use anything -- as it is! Well, I just love this card and all the elements and I told her that I wanted to use it with no changes whatsoever! Really, she almost fell out of her chair!!!!! But take a peek - isn't is gorgeous!!! So, the stamp clubs this weekend all made this card and loved it as much as I do! Also, we learned how to set the Jumbo Grommets that are in the Occasions Mini Catalog!

I hope you have an awesome day!!!!!

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