Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's A Bird!!

Oh goodness, I haven't posted ... well, since my battery charger and extra battery for my camera took a leave of absence. Wow, I'm devastated!!! Alas, no more. No, I didn't find it! I made a trip out to Best Buy to purchase another one! Sad, but true! Then this morning going through my emails, I get my monthly "be organized" email. Hum, maybe I need to read those emails just a little bit closer, huh!! Oh well. I greatful for everything that I can find. (Hum .. but I'm thinking, I use my camera every day!!)

This weekend is my monthly Stamp, Play and Create session. Oh my goodness, they told me yesterday I worked them very hard. I don't want to share too much because I have my last class this afternoon, and I will share more details after that. However, I will share one of the cards we made .. and I think this was the favorite -- the "It's A Bird" card. The stamp set is "Good Friend" and I absolutely love this bird!!! Notice how we added a googly eye to him!!! UMMMM...too cute!!! We did have to cut off this tail (I hope it wasn't too painful for him!).

Come back soon for the rest of the projects because we had a blast!!!!!

Oh ... on a personal note .... today is Mickey's birthday ... so we are going out for our birthday breakfast!!!! While he's getting older, he is always younger than me and takes such good care of me!!! Happy birthday to him!!!!

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