Monday, January 19, 2009

Project Supplies for 2009 Spring Summer IB&C

Last Wednesday when I received my 2009 Spring Summer Idea Book and Catalog, I diligently went through every page and "oohheeedddd" and "aaawwweeeddd" on practically every page. By the time I got to the end of the catalog, I was on cloud nine. Then, I saw the supplies list was not in the catalog! I gasped!!! I thought, what was Stampin' Up! thinking????? Are they crazy??? I use this section over and over and over again!!! I also know that many of you use this section.

The next day at Leadership, I learned that the Supply section would be available online. Hum, okay, that's better -- I can handle that. I wasn't sure whether it would just be available to demonstrators or would be available to everyone, but this was definitely something that I could work with! I know that Stampin' Up! needed room in the catalog for all the new and wonderful products, so I was happy.

But, it gets better!!! I actually SAW the Supplies List and, well, was blown away. Not only is it available to YOU, it contains thumbnails of the projects so you can tell exactly what receipe goes to what project. See, after being part of Stampin' Up! for eight years, I should know better to trust their decisions as I think this is a spectacular feature. Do you want to see it? Okie dokie. CLICK HERE!!! After you open it, what I would do, really I did do this, is to save it to your computer so you have it at your finger tips!!!

I hope you enjoy this new feature, because I think you'll love it!

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