Saturday, January 10, 2009

Organizational Tip No. 5

These are the cubes with the doors. The have a shelf in the middle. I had these black boxes with drawers and that I use to storage my adhesives, so I tucked them away and in the cubes. I did label the drawers so I didn't have to rely on my memory to remember where I put them. A label maker is a great tool! I have one that I earned years ago through Stampin' Up! Great Rewards, however, you can find them anywhere and they are pretty inexpensive!!!! Plus, the labels adhere very nicely. Sometimes, those labels that we print off on our computer printer have a tendency to come off, do you know what I mean??

Really, I do have people, like my sister, Robin, and downline,Vicki, that stamp at my house when I'm gone (imagine that). This way they know where things are! Really, they can clean up after me and put things in the right place! Ha ha!!!!! Don't worry, they know I love them!!

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