Friday, January 16, 2009

Inspired ...... by Nature

Do you recognize this stamp set? It's called Inspired by Nature. This stamp set was introduced in 2008 and is truly beautiful. They also used the word set called Absolutely Fabulous on this card. This is another card from the Leadership boards that is one of my favorites!! Again, I do not know who created it ... but if it was you, just let me know so I can give you credit.

I'm sure that the flower image was created using Stampin' Write Markers to color in different sections on the stamp, then, after breathing (to remoisten the ink) on the stamp, the image was stamped on the cardstock. Now, and this is the part that really sets this card apart, they took the grassy image and stamped that on top of the flower image towards the bottom. UMMMMM ... isn't it lovely!!!! It acutally looks like you are looking in a field of wild flowers. You know, I travel the interstate to and from my day job alot and I love the season when the wild flowers are blooming. The really look wonderful on the interstate and I applaud the State for planting them!! Yes, I do pay attention while I'm driving (he he), but when you are sitting still ... they are really nice to enjoy!!!

I think this card can be created in a matter of minutes!!!! Do you have 5 minutes??? Sit down and make this card!!! It will make you feel better, I promise!!!

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