Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Friend

There are many exciting things about attending Stampin' Up! events, one of which is getting a FREE stamp set! At Leadership, we received the Good Friend stamp set found on page 91 of the 2009 Spring Summer IBC. At first, I wasn't too excited about this stamp set, but after we used it, I fell in love. You guys know how I am -- I stamp an image like a bird, frog, etc. and I just giggle because I think they are looking at me and actually winking at me. Okay, so I live in this fantasy world, but isn't that part of the fun of stamping? But you see, this bird is actually talking to me ... his mouth is open and can you see the sparkle in his eye? Ah ha -- you do!!!! Opps, it's a rhinestone brad!!! My bad!!!

Check out the patterned paper that is used on this card -- it's called Good Morning Sunshine. It is so bright and the patterns on each and every sheet are too freakin' cute!!!! There is a whole sheet of birds .. and also a whole sheet of owls!! They sure do make a lot of noise! he he!!!

Welp, this little birdy is just waiting to become a part of your family - he's already a part of mine!!

(side note -- it's my bedtime, I'm getting kinda silly. I'll stop posting now!!)

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