Saturday, December 27, 2008

Valentine Trio

I really do enjoy making 3" x 3" cards. They are so cute and the perfect size!!! Yes, they are -- because you can carry several in your purse and give them to your friends, people who make your day or people that need a lift! It's called a "RAK" or random act of kindness. How many times have you left a tip for a great waitress? How much better would it be to have also left a little 3" x 3" card with a "thank you". This is one of my goals for 2009. There are so many people that I've met who have really been kind and I'd love to let them know how much their kindness is appreciated!!! You can also put these little note cards in your loved one's pocket, leave it on the seat of their car .. you know ... think of all those places where a little note card can be left! I guarantee the recipient will be thrilled!!

Stampingly yours,

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