Monday, December 29, 2008

Heart to Heart Punch

With all these pictures of projects made with the Love You Much Valentine's Bundle, I thought I would take a second to show you a close up picture of the punch! I think you will agree that the possibilities are endless and you can punch hearts ... until the cows come home!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the daily updates!!! I've been very busy over the holidays with doing some re-organizing. Actually, I was thrilled with the addition of cabinets in my Stampin' Up! office (woo hoo) for Christmas!!!! I told my husband that I thought I would finally have a place for everything, but he didn't believe me. My stamping items multiply faster than rabbits!!! I just can't help it!!! Needless to say, when one re-organizes, the process is somewhat scary as my living room a/k/a my stamping room, is covered!!!! When I get done, which will be this week, I will post pictures of everything!! Promise!!

Stampingly yours,

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