Friday, June 27, 2008

My Create Definition is UP!

Oh, I'm so excited!!! I received my Create Definition Decor Element last night and applied it to my wall this morning! Oh my goodness, this is so so so cool!!!! I love the way it looks and was so pleased that it worked on my textured walls. Many of the older homes in this area have these walls and I was very hesitant, but hey, it worked! Woo hoo!!! It was really hard for me to get a good picture. My walls are kind of like a Mellow Moss color. You can see in this picture the texture in my wall since it is a close up shot, but "in real life", you can't tell! Just so you know, this is the small Create Definition in Chocolate Chip which sells for only $16.95. It measures 7-3/8" x 20". The Decor Elements Applicator sells for $1.95.

Let me give you some hints that I learned while I was applying it this morning. GET THE DECOR ELEMENTS APPLICATOR! Well, I had a little lapse when I placed my order for the Create Defintion and hit finalize order and then went opps, I forgot the applicator (don't worry, I've already ordered it!). I just get so excited sometimes -- I lose my mind! Now I certainly couldn't wait until I received it to apply my Decor Element, so I pulled out a plastic spatula (I was being creative) and with a little extra pressure, it worked!!! (Whew!) The self-adhesive vinyl element comes in a tube. You will lay it out on a hard surface with the grid side facing you. Using the applicator, which you won't forget to order, you rub the image onto the transfer paper. You will then peel back the grid paper. This is really similar to what you do with rub-ons, being careful when pulling back the grid paper to make sure the image is on the transfer paper. If it isn't, lay the grid paper down and rub a little more. Once the entire grid paper is pulled off, you'll see the image on the transfer sheet and it will be sticky. A helpful hint: keep the cats away when you are doing this because Mowgli discovered that it is sticky and was looking at his paw very strangely! Now, place the transfer paper with the image onto you wall. You can move it a bit to make sure it is exactly where you want it. Once you have decided that you've found "the spot", USING YOUR FINGERS, rub on the image and it will transfer the image to the wall. Now, I say USING YOUR FINGERS because my walls are textured and that is how I could get it to adhere within scraping the little bumps on the wall! If your walls are smooth, just use the Decor Elements Applicator.

My next image will soon be here and I will be applying it to one of my glass storm doors! I can't wait for it to arrive. As you can probably tell, I'm very excited about this new product! My walls have been begging for decorations for years! Stay tuned for more as I inpatiently wait for the UPS man to arrive next week!!!

p.s. And now the stamp sets have to compete with Decor Elements -- I'll bet they won't be happy (confused - check out the Picketing Stamps)!

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Anonymous said...

I've been kind of interested in these and how they would look IRL. I would like to see yours from a distance, if you wouldn't mind. I know the pictures they show us look like "House Beautiful" but I would really like to see them in a "Normal" house.