Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Inspired

You are struggling to get the kids settled down and get your chores done so you can sit down and stamp! It's taken you all day to get this done, but at last, you are sitting at your table and saying, hey, I can stamp now. But then, your mind goes blank. Does this sound familiar?

I can relate all too well to this scenario (except for the kids part), but when this happens, I turn to my Stampin' Up! catalogs, whether it is the current Spring/Summer Collection 2008 or an older catalog. I thumb through the pages until I find something that catches my eye and then I can get started. Yesterday, I was getting ready to do a swap for a meeting last night and decided to turn to the Spring/Summer Collection 2008 for inspiration. I saw this picture on the page that features the Baroque Motifs stamp set. I really liked the element on this card so I decided this was my inspiration. It just so happens that I do have this stamp set, so it did make it a bit easier!

Now, I didn't exactly have everything and time was an issue, so here is the card I created! Notice how I used the same element in this card. All I did was change the colors a bit and my card was done! By comparing the two, you can see they are two totally different cards, but yet, I started with the inspiration card from the Spring/Summer Collection 2008. What are some other things you can use to get inspired? Magazines are full of layouts and color combinations. I have an Kleenex box on my dresser and I love the design on it. Everyday I dry my hair I look at it and think it would make a gorgeous background. That could be the reason why I just can't get my hair to look right -- I'm not paying attention to the task at hand!!!

So, the next time you have a stamping slump, look around you. Inspiration is all over the place! The easiest place to start is a Stampin' Up! catalog.

*And, an update on the stamps! I told them last night after creating this card that I was going to feature the Baroque Motifs stamp set and they were happy! The stamp sets must have had a meeting yesterday while I was working, because the Embrace Life stamp set was on the floor when I got home! *wink wink*

Enjoy your day and go stamp!

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