Monday, June 16, 2008

Did you say "Golf"?

Oh goodness, did any of you watch the U.S. Open this weekend? Okay, my husband is the sports nut in our home and every once in a while I do watch some sporting event with him. I hardly EVER watch golf, but since it was on . . . . I was thoroughly amazed by Tiger Woods. Now I'm sure there are people who are not Tiger fans, but watching him play is . . . . well, it's unbelievable! Despite severe pain in his knee and some really bad shots, he tied the game on the last hole and he and Mediate are playing another round today to determine the winner.

Okay, where am I going with this? A few weeks ago I made these cute little goodie bags for a golf tournament in which my law firm was sponsoring one of the holes. Each bag included three golf balls, some golf tees and a Sweet & Salty snack bar. For the toppers, I printed off golfing definitions and each bag had different definition and the appropriate letter was stamped on each topper! I did 150 of these babies and they turned out awesome! I was even thrilled was one of the organizers of the tournament complimented us on the goodie bags!

The next time you have an event, make up a little goodie bag! Stampin' Up! carries the cello bags in three sizes and the toppers are so easy to make! And, they are very inexpensive!! You can't beat that, now can you!

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